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Thrilling Desert Safari

Dubai's Desert Safaris Could Be One of Your Best Adventures 
There is always something enchantingly alluring about Dubai with its Arabian night charms and glowing golden sunrises. Via Dubai Travel & Tourism LLC takes tourists on fascinating life-transforming trips to explore the depths of the most exciting locations in Dubai on desert safaris. 
Sand skiing, rip-roaring quad bikes, dune buggies  enchanting camel trekking tours, exploring the mystical red desert, or camping overnight under diamond starry skies, getting captured by the tantalizing Bedouin culture, and dozens of other endless exciting escapades to make your desert safari one of the best adventures of your life. 
Things to Do On A Desert Safari
One must get a camera for the trip as the sceneries are breathtaking.  One should wear comfortable clothes and avoid precious jewelry, expensive watches, and cell phones as there is no signal at the camps. Do try the famous Arabic coffee at the camp at the outset to relax you.
You can sand ski, which is a very popular part of the desert safari. You get to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board and race down where if you fall, the soft powdery sand is there to catch you which is a thrilling experience. We recommend you book the red dune safari to enjoy sand-skiing.
Another favored activity in the desert is the camel trek. Enjoy the sunset while you are on the highest dune going towards the camp where you have refreshing drinks and a delicious dinner waiting for you when you return.
Quad bikes for both adults and children are provided. Larger quad bikes are 350cc and more powerful and smaller ones are 150cc and recommended for children. Quad bikes can be driven in a designated area outside the camp and cannot be taken into the desert for safety reasons.
Dune buggies on the other hand can seat two people and can be taken into the desert. Our instructor will lead the convoy and you will be provided with safety gear and instructions before the ride. This option is recommended for adventurers.
Our drivers are professional and licensed and are trained in first aid. Our cars are fitted with roll cages to protect the occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a roll-over in the desert which is very rare. Plus there are seat belts for every passenger. We use 4x4 Land Cruisers for our safari. Also from the moment, you are in our cars you are insured. All our cars and passengers are covered under insurance.
As a desert safari is an adventurous activity we do not recommend children below 3 years, pregnant women, and older adults, especially with heart or back problems, but we can arrange a private car that can take you directly to the camp so that you may enjoy other activities in the camp. We also have car seats for children.
Desert trips offer the right choice of deals for fun and passion. You can choose to relish in the glory of the glowing red dune desert sands by choosing our morning premium red dunes safari quad bike camel rides sand boarding, soft drinks, or adventure in the magnetic aura of enchanting Arabian night evenings offered with sumptuous barbeque dinners, a wide pack of all interesting fun rides and workouts like camel riding, dune buggy rides, and special quad trekking events, like tattoos or henna painting in the cheapest desert safari Dubai deals, admire live shows with Arabian keyway, and fresh popular drinks Arabian tea, or espresso, alongside the desert tour.
The zooming thrilling self drives on Quad bike tours racing through the desert sands for thirty minutes or self-drive quad bike tours for one hour are mind-blowing.
Enjoying six to seven hours of pure adventure, the hills of the sandy desert are where the roaming Bedouins used to wander on their excursions, and on your trip through the desert, you will get to see the ancient fascinating Bedouin culture, glimpse the wildlife of the desert, can take a camel ride, and also take amazing pictures of the desert, snapping pictures while a majestic tame falcon perches on your hand. 
If you are a night owl, Via Dubai Travel & Tourism can take you on an adventure out in the night under the glittering stars, encapsulating the alluring aura of enchanting Arabian nights with our regular red dunes safari trips along with their lip-smacking sumptuous barbeque dinners with a wide range of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices.
Food is varied with delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices for your longing for the best Safari Deals. Additionally, if you employ our traveling group, you will get a pick-and-drop facility in our Desert Safari Dubai Tour.
As far as heavenly Arabic bar-b-que and supper buffets, you will get all that you want to make your Dubai City Tour fruitful. While visiting the city, don’t forget to enjoy the Abu Dhabi City Tour. Enjoy the striking junctures in the uneven and rough mountains in Hatta Tour. Honestly, the Desert Safari From Dubai tour is an excellent event, so do your booking now.
Our overnight desert safari gives you that fantastic Arabian night escapade under velvet diamond-studded skies while discovering the mysteries of the desert and the rich culture of Arabia.
Bathed in cool moonlight, we take you by camels or land cruisers to discover the history of Dubai, visit our Bedouin-style camps and their fascinating way of life, you can go for camel rides under the stars, and do sandboarding.
Go on exciting red sand dune rides in the night desert or desert dune buggy on adventures of a lifetime.  Under the stars of Arabia, relax next to the dancing flames of a bonfire while we serve you a delicious buffet dinner and barbeque, you can experience our henna inking, relish fresh hot Qahwa, tanoura dances, hip twirling dances, fun, laughter, and more.
At night, when you are ready to hit the sack, our chaperons will set up your tents, give you pillows, sleeping bags, extra blankets, and camping beds, and cater to all your care.  When you awaken the next morning, they will give you a wonderful breakfast, all part of our Overnight Desert Safaris offer. Book with Via Dubai Travel & Tourism.