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Camel Ride Trekking Tour


Camel rides through the desert on a traditional camel convoy allows you to experience why nomadic Bedouins depended on these winsome strong animals, the ships of the desert as they elegantly and easily stride across the desert sands, the oldest modes of transport in the desert.  An Arabian Desert camel safari is one of the most tantalizing experiences one can have in
Dubai.  On this fascinating venture, one starts in the cool red glowing desert dawn while basking in the alpha-red healing sunrays.  After getting ready, the adventure starts with you exploring the depths of the desert on an enchanting camel desert safari. The camel ride exceptionally special is because this ride is like a peaceful sailing through the desert sands.  Riding on a camel, you enter a new peaceful old-world time without the noisy din of traffic and chaos of the roaring world.  The camel slowly and majestically walks through seas of shimmering sands.  Ambling through the vast stark stillness, it is one of the most captivating and calming experiences.  This is a breathtaking experience for families, children, adventures, and lovers of nature.  We lend a word of caution for children, pregnant women, elderly citizens, and people with chronic ailments such as heart disease to take it a little easy and take precautions.  Via Dubai takes utmost care to ensure our travelers are safe.